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Bus-Scan 300 RF

Easiest and quickest installation. No need to run wires for the disarming switch.  Just mount the included RF transmitter at the back of the vehicle, connect the Control Module and you’re ready.  We are the only system to offer this convenient time- and money-saving feature.  The Remote Transmitter automatically pairs with the Control Module with the touch of a button–no DIP switches to set!

  • Quick and simple installation–no special tools or under-hood components.
  • Conforms to state requirements (except CA — See our Bus-Scan 500)

  • No nuisance false alarms, as with other systems.
  • Audible and visual alerting.
  • User-Settable delay times.
  • Anti-tamper, anti-tiedown design ensures reliable operation.
  • First company to use Microprocessor-based design for stability
  • Service key for maintenance, or out-of-service use.
  • Service mode reminders, both visual and audible.
  • Uses vehicle horn or external-siren (siren purchased separately).
  • Stop-arm capability, built in.
  • Can control interior lights with optional module.
  • Pluggable control harness, with built-in fuses.
  • Communication port for feature expansion.

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