CC36077 FLEETGUARD CC36077 - ES Compleat™ Engine Coolant / Antifreeze - EG OAT, Premix 50/50, 3/1 Gallon, Jug

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Product Details:

  • OAT = Organic Acid Technology
  • Life-of-the-Engine, 1,000,000-mile coolant*
  • Cummins and OEM approved Nitrite, Amine, Phosphate, and Silicate free formulation
  • Provides antifreeze and antiboil protection
  • Superior liner pitting and corrosion protection
  • Superior aluminum and solder protection
  • 2-ethylhexanoic acid free formula is compatible with all system gasket and hose materials
  • Optimizes cooling system performance and water pump life
  • Contains proprietary scale inhibitors
  • Compatible with all other antifreeze/coolants
  • Available in concentrate, 50/50 and 60/40
  • For all diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines
  • Low maintenance coolant with no SCA addition

* To maintain the protection provided by ES Compleat OAT, the proper level of inhibitor must be present. This can usually be achieved by topping off the cooling system with premixed ES Compleat OAT coolant. The user is responsible for ensuring proper additive levels and coolant pH through the use of test strips and the addition of new coolant if necessary. The recommended test interval is 300,000 miles, 6,000 hours, or 1 year. The test interval is a precautionary recommendation intended to prevent progressive, severe engine damage.

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